Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume: Part 2

Candy Hair Clips

Here's the pin that was pinned on the Vanelope von Schweetz board: http://pinterest.com/pin/147422587773391960/

This blog post is my own little tutorial on how to make a candy hair pins with actual candy pieces.  I know these items will not have a long life of use beyond this Halloween and the movie night, but I really wanted to use real candy pieces to give my Halloween costume that nice little extra wow factor. 

  • Felt
  • Bobby pins
  • Candy! I used Smarties, Skittles, Spearmint Candy
  • Sealer (I used Martha Stewart Decoupage Glue & Sealer with Brush - bought it with a 50% off coupon at Michael's :D)
  • Hot Glue gun

So at first I didn't want to put the candy straight onto the bobby pins into my hair so I decided I was going to try and seal them first.  I was also told resin spray would be a good sealer option but I went a little cheap for this project.  I tested the sealer on the Smarties, Spearmint, and Red Vines.  It seemed to work on the Smarties but not for the Spearmint of Red Vines.  So in the end I put the Spearmint on felt onto the bobby pin without sealing it.  I also put the skittles straight onto the felt because it has it's own candy shell so I figured it won't need any sealer.

So to start I cut out thin felt pieces and put hot glue onto the felt and pressed the flat side of the bobby pin to the felt.  I did a strip for the smaller candies and a round circle for the felt.

Make sure to check that the bobby pin still opens up.

Glue the candies onto the felt.

The felt gives it a nice buffer so that it doesn't actually touch your hair.

And here's the final product in my hair. ^____^

Here's the result of the failed red vine.  :(  Should have seen that coming.

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  1. nice! i will put it on practice! vanelope is cool!