Friday, October 12, 2012

DIY Wipe Off Weekly Menu Boards

Pin Rating: 5
Duration: 2 mins
Cost: $1.30-$2.00

I'm a little under the weather today so that might reflect my blog post today.  Going to make this one a short and simple post so I can get back to bed and take a nap.  :)  So this pin request is from my sister to help her organize the weekly menus in the house.  She showed me the pin and I think it's a great idea.  It helps to do the grocery shopping at the beginning of the week and then plan the meals for the rest of the week.  Every day I usually ask her what's for dinner and what should I do to help with prep work.  Now that we have this nifty white board she can now update it weekly with any prep instructions for myself and her husband to see so that we can help start dinner for that evening, and everyone's on the same page.

  • 8" x 10" glass pane (important that it's glass pane) picture frame from the Dollar Store
  • Scrapbook paper of your preferred design.  I picked mine up from Michael's and they had papers ranging from .29 to 1.99 sold by the single sheet.   Make sure the paper matches the size of your frame.
  • Dry erase marker (not pictured above)
  • Possibly some scissors  and a pen(not pictured above)

Once I took off the back of the picture frame I confirmed my scrap book paper was too big for it.

So I flipped my scrap book paper over and laid the picture frame insert on top of it to trace the lines where I would need to cut it in order for it to fit.

Once the size is correct all you need to do is place it in the frame.  Huzzah! Instant beautified white board.  On the Make and takes website they went the extra step to add in Scrapbook letters to spell out menu and the days of the week on the paper so that you wouldn't have to write them over and over again.  It's a nice touch but also arguably more $$ and work.  I looked at the scrapbook letters and they're about 3.99 a pack so I passed on that option.  But at least this way with a clean white board we can customize the message however we like whether it's menu or chores or a grocery list.

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