Wednesday, October 3, 2012

PB + Honey + Banana Tortilla Snack

Pin Rating: 4.5
Duration: ~5 min 

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted any updates.  Been working on sewing my Halloween costume and took a mini vacation last weekend so I've been away from the computer.  Here's a quick snack I made for lunch the other day.  Real easy to make and put together assuming you have all the ingredients ready at home.  When I originally saw this pin on Pintrest I thought it was a PB&J banana tortilla.  I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't jelly and actually honey.  Taste wise I guess it makes more sense this way.  However, I did give it a 4.5 because despite all the honey and butter and banana the tortilla taste stood out and was pretty bland to me.  Also lunch got a little messy with the honey and banana wanting to slide out of the tortilla ever so often.

Ingredients are as follows:
  • Some sort of buttery spread (PB, almond, sunflower seed...etc)
  • Honey
  • 2 Small (~6in tortillas)
  • 1 banana

Tip: Microwave the tortilla for about 20-30 seconds before you do anything.  This will allow for the tortilla to roll/wrap a lot easier without cracking or breaking.  Then I spread the almond butter on.

Drizzle with honey.  (It's a lot harder than you think to do this and take a picture at the same time.  >.<)

Another tip: If your banana has a curve, make sure you place your banana curve side down so that you can flatten the tortilla in the direction of the curve.  It makes it easier to roll the banana.


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