Friday, May 31, 2013

Etsy Craft Party 2013

Sorry, no blog post this week since I was out of town and didn't plan properly this weeks' blogpost.  However, I have a quick announcement in case you didn't already see it on my Facebook or Instagram account.  I am working with EcoMonster to host a Etsy Craft party on June 20, 2013.  This date was picked by Etsy to host a global craft party and I'm excited to be working with EcoMonster to make this happen in San Jose, CA.  

We will have a few make-and-take stations set up for you to craft using recycled, upcycled materials:

In the spirit of being ecofriendly, feel free to bring additional scrap paper, empty toilet paper rolls, and newspapers!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DIY Jewelry Holder

Pin Rating: 5
Difficulty: Easy
Cost: Under $10
Original Pin Here

I've been looking for a quick and cute way to display my jewelry and earrings at the craft fairs and I've finally found it!  It's super cute and quick to make and I had all the materials already laying around the house.

  • Picture frame to hang or stand on a table.  Remove the glass piece.
  • Hot glue gun/hot glue
  • Lace (the more holes in the design the better)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Toilet Paper Roll Art

Pin rating: 5
Cost: $0 (save your toilet paper rolls!)
Difficulty: Easy

The first time I saw toilet paper roll art on Pintrest my mind was blown away!  I knew I had to try this at some point and I finally had a chance to do it.  So I've been collecting toilet paper rolls ever since last year. (You might even remember one of my organization post with gift wrap & toilet paper rolls)  I had a nice collection until some of it was thrown away so I only had a couple of rolls for this project, but 4 rolls seemed like a perfect amount to get started.  

For this particular project, I got my design from this post here at 

  • Toilet Paper Roll (at least 4)
  • Hot glue gun/hot glue
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Paint of your choice (optional)
  • Push pins or nails to mount 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY Silver Polish

Pin Rating: 5
Cost: $0
Duration: 10-15 minutes (not including the time to boil water)

My boyfriend found some of his grandparent's old silver ware dining set in the back shed and they were all tarnished.  After he heard that I used a quick DIY home recipe for my jewelry he started asking me about it and was wondering if the same solution can be used for silver polish.  Of course I turned to Pintrest to help me answer that question.  :)  Turns out the two formulas aren't too different and it was just as affective in cleaning.  Also perfect timing to bring out the nice silverware for a mother's day brunch this weekend.  ;)

Boiling water
Baking Soda
Foil (enough to cover the sink)
Objects that need polishing