Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SDCC Highlights: Day 2

Reading about Day 2 probably won't be as exciting for readers unless you're in love with panels and movie stars!  I sat in Hall H all day Friday (and Saturday) for panels.  I really wanted to see the Veronica Mars panel since I was a kick starter backer and once I was in Hall H I decided to stay for the rest of the panels since it was such a great line up.  So here's a photo heavy post of all of the panels and movie stars I got to see that day.

Line waiting at 5am.  The line wraps around near Hilton, along the marina, and out towards the outdoor concert hall.  Some people have been waiting since midnight!

The World's End

Panel for The World's End.  I never watched any of the previous Cornetto trilogy films (never even heard of Cornetto before this panel) but I'm more likely to check it out now.  These guys were great.

Veronica Mars

As I stated earlier in the blogpost, I'm a kick starter backer for the Veronica Mars Movie so I was really excited to see this panel.  They showed the exclusive footage for the new Veronica Mars Movie which isn't so exclusive anymore and can be found here.

Veronica Mars Panel!!!  <3

Who doesn't love some Kristen Bell charm early in the morning?

My 2nd favorite on Veronica Mars - Tina Majorino rocking a mohawk.  :)

My favorite guys. 

Which team are you?  Team Piz, Team Dick, or Team Logan? :)

Kick Ass 2

I keep forgetting he has a British accent, so it was fun hearing him talk in person. 

Every time I see him I want to call him McLovin'

Super sweet that they did a live video chat with Chloe since she couldn't be there in person.


Best part about this panel was learning that Vin Disel loves to play D&D.  <3  Can't say that I want to go see Riddick after watching the panel, but it was nice to see Vin Disel in person.

Such a charming guy.

The Walking Dead

I don't watch The Walking Dead, but that doesn't mean I'm not a fan.  I've read some of the comic books and have seen a couple of episodes here and there and I know I'll be a huge fan, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  I still enjoyed the panel regardless.

Best part of the panel was when the walking dead "cast" came up to ask the Walking Dead Cast a question.  :)

This was also the part where Steven Yeun asked them if the zombies were triplets because they all look the same.  He then immediately regretted his question saying he was being "Asian".  And regretted that as well since he basically said that all the girls look alike because they're Asian.  It was a weird moment in Hall H but he was a good sport about it.  :)

Game of Thrones

 Love, love, love Game of Thrones.  I have to admit I am a little late in the game and am not up to date on the HBO show.  When I first found out about the show and how good everyone was telling me it was, and that it was a book, I knew I had to read the book first.  Little did I know the books are a pretty heavy read.  I've read book 1 and seen season 1 of Game of Thrones and am still reading book 2.  I've tried really hard to keep my eyes and ears closed to all the gossips and news about who dies in the books/show because apparently everyone eventually dies (or so I have been told).  But I knew I couldn't miss out on the Game of Thrones panel so I just let myself be open to any spoilers they may give away.  And boy did they give it away...they kicked off the panel with this nice **SPOILER** video.

Peter Dinklage came in first and gave a great bow to the crowds of Hall H.

Followed by his "more cheering" fist pounding once he was seated.  Which he got!

Kit Harington aka Jon Snow

Richard Madden aka King of the North

Emilia Clarke aka Mother of Dragons

Cast members and writer George R.R. Martin

We also got really cool swag for sitting in the panel.  Book 3 - A Storm of Swords, t-shirt, bag, notebook and other little trinkets.  Thanks HBO/Game of Thrones. :)


I don't remember too much about Robocop so it was nice seeing this panel and how they planned on doing a remake.  I'm actually looking forward to it, but definitely have to rewatch the original to compare notes.
Abbie Cornish & Michael Keaton

Samuel L. Jackson & Joel Kinnaman (Robocop :))

It was pretty cool hearing Samuel L. Jackson telling it to us as it is about their appearance at comic con. They're there to promote the film so we can go tell our friends how cool it is and all go watch it.  I'm going to watch it, but it's probably because I'm a huge movie watcher anyways.  But it's nice hearing it come out of the mouth of Samuel L. Jackson.

The Amazing Spider Man 2

I was thoroughly impressed with the Amazing Spiderman 2 panel.  They pulled back the curtains to reveal more screen!  The additional screens were mostly used for panoramic views or additional non related footage to fluff things up and add to the epicness of Hall H.  It did a great job of making it a memorable panel for me.

Spider Man himself came to panel.  :)

They showed a short clip of Emma Stone apologizing for not being able to make it to Comic-con and then it was interrupted by shockwaves from Electro!  Which is Jamie Foxx's grand entrance.

He's surprised to see Spider Man and Spider Man was telling Jamie Foxx how he's a fan.  (I love how Spider Man had his own name tag.)

A long but fun video from the panel with Spider Man.

After showing the trailer clip, Andrew Garfield comes out apologizing for being late.  I didn't notice this until he comes out and talked, but he has an accent and Spider Man didn't so he played the part really well.  :)

His name tag still says Spider Man.  ;)

After the panels I walked around the convention to pick up my GOT swag and to try and meet up with my brother and future sister in law.  They cosplayed as Ryu and Sakura so I had to make sure I got a photo of them.  :)

Another great costume at comic con.  :)

End of Day 2!  Stay tuned for more photos for Day 3 of SDCC.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

SDCC Highlights: Day 0 & 1

I have way too many photos I want to post and things I want to talk/blog about but I decided it would take too much time and I would  probably bore everyone.  So instead, here are my highlights.

Badge pick up. 2nd line of the day.  The first line was outside in the car waiting to get in for parking.  >.<

I don't own a wig holder so I used 4 gatorade bottles.  :)

Brushing my hair.  :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gearing Up For San Diego Comic-Con

Comic-con is less than a week away and I barely started putting together my costumes. Hopefully they will turn out okay. I'm planning to dress up 2 days out of the 4 that I will be attending.  Here are some sneak peeks! Stay tuned for the final costumes!

Any ideas on what my costumes are going to be? :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Etsy Craft Party Event Recap

How was everyone's 4th of July? :)  Fun with family & fireworks I hope.  For me it was a nice break from everything and I was finally able to write a blog post.  I have to admit though, I haven't been able to write a blog post partly because I was busy, but also because I was really heart broken after the Etsy party.

The event itself was really fun, but the turn out was a little disappointing.  We had 40 people RSVP online and only 3 people from that list showed up, and 7 walk ins (One was a family of 5).  It was a little difficult to process the feeling because although we had people show up and we had fun crafting, a part of me wondered why 37 people RSVP online and were a no show.  We had a huge stage room reserved for the party and put in a lot of time and effort to do the marketing, prep the stations, and shop for supplies for 40 crafters.  After putting so much time and energy into preparing for the party and only having 10 people show up I was really sad.  We were charging $5 at the door to cover cost of materials which wasn't an odd thing to see since other parties were also charging, so I'm assuming that couldn't have been the reason people didn't show up.  We also mentioned the $5 on the event title when people submitted their RSVP online.  (We couldn't charge customers directly because it would have gone directly to Etsy's eventbrite account.)

Before the party was started I was really excited about the number of people signed up and I guess I built up the party in my head that the night was going to be amazing.  We even had a box of supplies sent to us through Etsy with amazing craft materials!  A box of craft supplies is such an amazing thing so you can see why my level of excitement was up there.  But the night turned out to be a small gathering vs. a huge crafting party.

On a more positive note, we had great stations set up and also had cupcakes donated by my future sister in law - The Buttercup Baker.  :)

Mini Cupcakes graciously donated by The Buttercup Baker .

I love the details that she put into each one.

Chocolate w/ strawberry preserves
Lemon w/ blueberry buttercream
Chocolate w/ peanut butter frosting

I spent my time at the craft party mingling and making my own merit badge.  Materials were included in our box of goodies from Etsy.

Handmade cards for our troops #craftparty
We purchased some overstock of blank cards and had them available at the card making station.  My close friend also donated some Hero themed scrapbooking stickers for the event too and they looked great on the cards.  This had to be one of my favorite stations.  Crafters made the cards for troops to use to send home and were able to also leave a message to the troops.  I loved the cards that everyone made.  Unfortunately since there were so little of us, we only 7 cards made at the end of the night.

The following week since we still had supplies from the craft party still laying around I decided to take the time to create more cards so that I can drop off a larger donation with Operation Care and Comfort.  After an hour I had made 30 cards :)

Happy with my fat stack of cards.

I wish I took more photos of the event, but I spent most of the time chatting and crafting with others.  Overall I since I enjoy crafting in general, I had fun making and creating with new faces.  However, lesson learned is that if you're planning a big craft party and need to charge for material cost you should probably charge up front.  It was hard for me to digest the feeling but I think I finally got my craft spark back.  I was walking around Harbor Freight with my boyfriend last night and got so many ideas so hopefully more consistent blogposts to come.