Thursday, July 25, 2013

SDCC Highlights: Day 0 & 1

I have way too many photos I want to post and things I want to talk/blog about but I decided it would take too much time and I would  probably bore everyone.  So instead, here are my highlights.

Badge pick up. 2nd line of the day.  The first line was outside in the car waiting to get in for parking.  >.<

I don't own a wig holder so I used 4 gatorade bottles.  :)

Brushing my hair.  :)

Wandered around downtown the first night and caught these ladies leaving the convention from preview night.

Teen Titans!  They're giant and were hanging out outside the convention so any passerby can enjoy them too.

Day 1!  Dressed up as Hipster Ariel.  I left the ocean because it was too current.  :p

What the line looked like in front of me to get into the exhibit hall.  >.<
What it looked like behind me.
Got this really cool card from the Konami Booth.  :)  It was a short wait and well worth it. 
Ender's game experience!  They were filming that day and I was in the background.
My boyfriend and I also got interviewed after the experience so hopefully we'll show up on the DVD extras!
At Battle School
After the Ender's Game experience I went over to the Hall H line to squat early for the Ender's Game panel.
Amazing thing was that there was no line!  This must be a first for Comic Con Hall H history!

Divergent panel came before Ender's Game.  I was impressed with the panel and must go read the book now.

Of course I was super excited to see the woman of the hour: Maggie Q.  <3

Ender's Game Panel!

Man of the hour: Harrison Ford! <3
After the panel I wandered around the exhibition floor with my friends and ran into my all time favorite cosplayer!  Vampy Bit Me.
As you can tell from the huge smile on my face I was very excited to meet her. 

Ended the evening with Carne Asada fries from Lolita's.  BEST carne asada fries in SD hands down.  :)

Day 0 & 1 was great.  I didn't have to wait in too many lines, dressed up, got to do the Ender's Game experience,  breathed the same air as Maggie Q and Harrison Ford, randomly ran into Vampy and got a photo with her, and ate yummy carne asada fries.  Day 1 of Comic Con was a success!

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