Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dapper Day 2014 @ Disneyland

Ahh...Dapper Day has come and gone and I'm still dreaming about how much fun I had and all the wonderful outfits I've seen.  After spending so much time dreaming, planning, and working on my Dapper Day dress (some WIP photos found here) I can't believe the day has come and gone so quickly.  The park was crowded but I had a great time ooooing and awwwing over everyone's outfit.  The only thing I regret about Dapper Day was not waking up early enough to get into the park (parking was a nut house) and not being able to go with a big group.  Most of my photos are of my boyfriend and I so I apologize for the lack of variety in dapper outfits, but hopefully you'll enjoy my photos regardless.  :)  All photos are my own personal photos unless otherwise credited.

Wanted Flynn Rider for looking dashingly dapper.  (Fun fact, he actually put the outfit together himself!  The only thing I had a hand in was the bowtie that I had sewn for him as a gift for Christmas)

Oh look, I found a floating lantern at Disneyland!  

I'm really happy with the way my dress turned out considering it's the first full dress I've ever sewn.  I used the Retro Butterick B4790 pattern for the dress and had help altering it to fit.  Then I fussed with the dress until it was a design to my liking.  I also hand stenciled and painted out the design on the front of the dress.  It took forever but it was worth it!  Hat was purchased at the dollar store (thank goodness they're stocking for Easter already) along with some fake flowers and then I used some left over fabric to create the extra dapper touch.  

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dapper Day Dress WIP

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA after the Christmas season. Work started to pick up and I've also been busy planning my Dapper Day outfit. For those of you unfamiliar with Dapper Day check them out at It's an unofficial event at Disneyland where guest attend in their finest 1950s attire. This event was inspired by the vintage Disneyland posters where you see all the guest attending the parks in their Sunday best.

I've been working with my friend and her mother in law to manipulate an already existing pattern into a dress of my size. Unfortunately I don't have a super skinny waist so there were a lot of inches to be added to the pattern.

Note to self, tracing paper is your friend when you don't fit a pattern exactly.