Monday, September 24, 2012

DIY Halloween Spiderweb with Glue

Pin Rating: 4
Duration: ~45 min (varies depending on drying time)

I think I've had this pin since the beginning of Pintrest and now it's finally time to give it a shot.  So this pin calls for some Elmer's glue, wax paper and glitter.  I took all kind of short cuts on this one and just gathered the items I already had around the house.  (Also, I apologize for the poor pictures since I did this project at night and there wasn't any good lighting.) 
  • Glitter glue (purchased a 3 pack previous from the Dollar Tree)
  • Parchment paper  - (Thanks to my sister who bakes a lot -  I used parchment paper instead of wax paper not sure if it would make a difference.  So let's find out!

Not pictures, but I traced an outline of the spiderweb on the parchment paper to make it easier to squeeze out the glue.
  Also, make sure that all your lines are thick enough so that when you handle the web it won't snap.
I also decided to draw in a little spider just for fun.  Then I left it to dry and checked back on it later.

I'll update tomorrow with a picture of the finished results. :)

UPDATE: So after letting the spiderweb dry overnight I checked back on them in the morning to find everything looking a lot flatter than I expected.  I peeled off the spider first which wasn't too hard to do, but the glue had dried a bit flimsy and was really easy to rip and tear on accident.  Some of my web attachments turned out too thin and did end of ripping.

Web was so delicate and limp.  I was expecting the whole web to be sturdy like a coaster or some sort.  Guess not...

Final product web with spidey :)

(I'll admit, he kind of looks like a crab....)
After looking at the spider for some time I decided to put him on a toothpick.  Now he can serve as a cupcake topper!  Multiple uses for one craft project!  However, as you can see taking shortcuts and not using the right materials has it's consequences.  I'm sure if I used elmer's glue it would turn out a lot like the original pin. 

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