Friday, October 26, 2012

Bedazzled Pumpkin!

There's only 5 more days until Halloween!  Today's Fast & Simple Friday post is a bedazzled pumpkin.  I got pinspired by this pin here.  There were plenty of other ways to bedazzle and dress up the pumpkin but this one seemed the easiest.  The original pin used a crystal gemstone sticker design which would have been way faster than my method: Glitter glue!  I had some glitter glue laying around after my DIY Spider Web blog so decided to put it to good use.  The pumpkin is still drying so I don't have a final product photo yet.

Pin Rating: Seeing as how this isn't an original project on pintrest, you be the judge :)

  • Pumpkin
  • Glitter glue (Crayola Glittler glue highly recommended)

The pumpkin my sister brought home from Safeway.  It has a nice layer of dirt on it that needs to be washed off.

Shower time for the pumpkin.  Nice and clean after a good scrub.  Then I let it sit outside to dry for a bit.

Once it was all dry I brought it inside to start my bedazzling.  Here I'm using the Crayola glitter glue pens.  They dot nicely and are full of glitter for every dot.

Here are some of the dots done with the Dollar Tree glitter glue.  It runs and doesn't have the high glitter volume like the Crayola glitter pens do.  Only thing is that once the Crayola pens run low I had a hard time squeezing out the glue.

Final bedazzled pumpkin sitting and drying.

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