Monday, October 22, 2012

RED nails and RED lips! Inspired by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's new album RED comes out today.  Went to Target to pick up my copy this morning and I LOVE it!  I tried to look for some Pinspiration to honor Taylor Swift and what better way than red??  I searched on Pintrest for "Red nails" and the most popular pin was "Red lips and red nails" so figured hey why not, Red Lips are what she's known for right?  Love the combination and how it turned out.  Too bad I don't have anywhere exciting to go tonight but I must admit I'm enjoying myself sitting here blogging and listening to her album (doing a happy dance inside).  Will definitely have to load the songs onto my iPod before I hit the gym tonight.

  • Cover Girl Outlast All Day (#572) + Lip Gloss
  • NYC Nail Polish: 131 Big Apple Red Creme (0.97 + tax)
  • Wet n Wild Wild Shine Clear Nail Protector (0.97 + tax)
For touch up
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Eye Liner brush
Since I was at Target already I decided to pick up the nail polish since I don't own any red nail polish. (Gasp!  I know!)  The Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lip stain was something I purchased about a year ago and looking around online just now, they no longer have #572 but they do have #507 Ever Red-dy which is probably what replaced it.  I also own the #590 Faint Hue and I love love love both of these.  I'll admit I went into Target and bought these because Taylor Swift is a Cover Girl and always has the red lips that pop and I wanted the same effect. I picked up the red for the nights I'm feeling a little bold and the fainter color for the every day occasion.  And it really does last a long time!  I forgot to check the price while I was at Target but I think it's worth it and this is a purchase I would definitely make again once I run out.

I don't have too many pictures since it's hard to take photos while your nails are still wet.  Also I figured this isn't a proper pin to actually rate since everyone's level of applying nail polish is different.  This is probably just one of those things that I will say is just Simply Pinspirational.  :)  Happy Monday!

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