Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Infinity Gauntlet - Paper prototype

Hi Everyone!  How has your new year been so far?  Here's my first post for 2013!  I can feel that it's going to be quite the exciting year. Especially since I just made another Etsy sale!!  *happy dance*  Okay, enough diddle daddling and to the point now.  Time for the infinity gauntlet prototype post.

  • Left Yellow glove (since the template is for the left or flip template for right hand)
  • A print of David Guyton's Gauntlet template
  • Thumb tacks (from the Dollar Tree)
  • Tape
  • Pliers optional
So my boyfriend loves comic books and has always told me about the Infinity Gauntlet and how he wants one.  Every time we walk around a craft store or random shop and he sees gems he would pick them up and wonder if they can be incorporated into a gauntlet some how.  So one day after Halloween I was Googleing and You Tubing other random projects such as resin masks and props and one video caught my eye.

"How to Make a Gauntlet Armor Tutorial" by David J. Guyton

The gold gauntlet caught my eye and not to mention it's a tutorial!  I clicked on the video and watched it and was throughly impressed.  What made this video more amazing was that he was selling the template for $5.  I was a little worried at first since the video was posted in 2010 and didn't know if I would get the template or even a response if I paid for the template, but I noticed that David is really quick in providing youtube responses so I gave it a go.  After I paid for the template he responded with the gauntlet template within in 24 hours!  Also, he just posted a new video today for gauntlet version 2 so you'll have some options for your design!  The video above suggest that you make a paper prototype first so that's exactly what I did.

Print out the design and cut out all of the pieces.  Follow the instructions provided with the template.  I used tape and thumb tacks for the paper prototype.  Tape acted as my rivets through the gloves, and thumb tacks went through the pieces where they only rivet to each other.  I used pliers for bending the thumb tacks backwards to close.  

After placing the template on I tested the gloves for range of movement.  (Sorry about the background noise, Patches was running around playing at the time)

Continue working with each of the fingers making adjustments as you see fit.  Here's a top view of all the completed fingers.

 I ended up making adjustments to the fingertips and to knuckle 2 plates since I felt like they stuck up a little high.

See how high it sticks up?

Once I had all of the fingers done for the prototype I stopped there because I wanted to make sure my LED set up was going to fit underneath the glove.  So my next step was a trip to Radio Shack and my soldering adventures and mishaps.  ^_^.  You can probably do the LED set up first before you start the glove, but I wanted to make sure the gauntlet was going to be doable for me first before I invested any further time and money into the project.  But just seeing it done in paper was amazing and had me amped up to finish the project no matter what.  Hope it makes you feel the same way!

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