Monday, December 31, 2012

DIY Spray Painting for Rivets (or any small objects)

Happy New Year's Eve!  So for the next couple of post I'm probably going to mix it up with the Infinity Gauntlet building post & other random posts so that I don't bore everyone isn't interested in the Infinity Gauntlet building.  My boyfriend is having a New Year's Day board game get together tomorrow at his house and I decided it'll be the perfect opportunity to whip up some pinspired decoration and decorate with a Game Night theme so those blog post will also be scattered throughout the next couple of post.

For today's post I'm going to start out with a simple yet effective pin I saw (45 weeks ago!) on Pintrest but finally had a chance to try it out.  The original pin was for spray painting pinto beans for decorations  and when it came time to paint the rivets gold (since I couldn't find any cheap gold ones anywhere else) I knew this method would be perfect to paint the rivets....Or at least I had to try the method out since it seemed so simple - and it was!

Pin Rating: 4.5 (I'm sure it would have been a 5 if I was actually using pinto beans)

  • Box
  • Metallic Gold Spray paint
  • Pack of 3/8" Nickel Rivets 
  • Pack of 1/4" Nickel Rivets
  • Mask or handkerchief to wear while painting
I bought everything, except the box, at Hobby Lobby.  I really wanted to look and feel the rivets for myself to test out the size.  You'll need the 1/4" rivets for the spots where you rivet two plates together (and only 2 plates). The 3/8" rivets are for spots where you need more reach to rivet through the glove and the plates of the gauntlet.  Note: Not all spots that you rivet through the glove will require the longer rivet.

What's nice is that they packaged the top and bottom pieces separately.

I worked with one size at a time since I didn't mind mixing the tops and bottoms of a particular size.  It wasn't too hard to distinguish the top and bottom pieces so I put them all into the corner of the box.

Stand about a foot away and spray the objects in your corner.  Once you've sprayed the items evenly shake up the objects in the box.  You want to make sure to keep shaking the box because the paint will actually cause the pieces to stick together.

I eventually scattered the pieces and started spraying them all over the box.

Since I wanted to make sure to get a nice smooth painted top for the rivets I tucked in the long ends under one of the box flaps to hold them in place and had a field day on the rivets.  Give them a few minutes to dry and then remove them and start on your next batch.

And now I have all gold rivets ready to use for the Infinity Gauntlet!  I stored the 2 different sizes in separate zip lock bags once they were all done.

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