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DIY Hex Nut Bracelet

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Duration: 30-40 minutes the first time and then it gets easier.  

I love these DIY jewelry that includes hardware materials.  For starters it's cheap to buy the materials AND they add a unique pop too any every day outfit.  There's only 2 materials required for this but it was a little difficult to do at first but then I got the hang of it.  I've made 3 now and It can be done within 15-20 minutes.  One thing I do recommend is that you actually go to the hardware store to pick these up.  It helps to have the materials in hand to identify the size and thickness.  Also it's a lot cheaper in store!

  • Cotton Cable Cord (#21 x 150m picked up at OSH for $2.49)
    • Cut 3 stands ~30inches.  Original blog calls for 1 yard but I felt like that was too long.
  • 18-20 Flat hex nuts (#8-32 100 pack - $2.99) 
*Update* You can now purchase your own Hex Nut Necklace DIY Kit via my Etsy shop

Take the 3 cords and knot it leaving about 4 inches of slack.  It will tie together a little better in the end.

With the other ends tape them up individually.  This will prevent them from fraying and helps a ton on getting the cord through the little hex holes.

Tape down your end or find a way to secure it so that you can braid a little easier.  Braid the cord about 1-2 inches down.

The next part is the part that I had the most trouble with.  If you don't hold onto the ends tightly the bracelet and rotate and the hex nuts will fall out of place.  Basically you want to always hold the cords near the very top of the braid and not let the cord go unless you're moving the hex nut up.  Before you bring the left cord over to the middle you will string your first hex nut.  I found it easiest to hold onto the braid with my left hand, use my right to grab the cord end and poke it through the hex and slide it up.  Sorry, I didn't realize this until just now, but this picture is for the 2nd hex.

Always keep a firm grip on the 2 cords that you are not stringing the hex onto.  Once you've strung the left cord with a hex and cross it over you will now add a hex nut to the right cord. Once you have the right hex in place cross the cord over the middle.  Continue these steps.

Here's a photo to show what is under my thumb.

See how my thumb is holding on tight to the two strings while I string the hex into the right cord.  Continue braiding in this manner.

Once you've added all of your hex nuts continue braiding the cords for another 2-3 inches.

To finish it off knot the end of the cords.

This picture shows how much cord is left over after 1 yard of cord.

Not loving the excess cord though.  It's not enough to loop around another time so it's just kind of dangling.  Cut and trim the excess cords as needed.

But loving how it looks on my wrist!

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