Friday, January 4, 2013

Game Night Food Table!

Today's been a long and productive day so I'm going to make today's post really short.  I spent an hour or so with my friend today clearing our Hobby Lobby's Christmas decorations (80% off) for her wedding decor in December 2013.  Congrats again on your engagement!

So back to the blog post, as I mentioned in a previous post, my boyfriend decided to have a small get together at his house on New Year's Day to play some board games.  So it's not really game night, but more like board game day. He originally wanted it to be a small get together but I decided to use the opportunity to put together some decorations and make some pinspired finger foods. In the end we had a a large group of friend over and the decorations and foods were a hit.  Here's a preview for what's to come in blog posts (no listed in any particular order).

I also made Deviled Eggs, Honey Sauced Chicken, Skyline Chili Dip and my sister (thanks again sis!) made HotLink Corndog minis, Pigs in a Blanket, and some Spicy Cream Cheese Poppers.  And only 2 people made all of this food, can you believe it?!  Granted it took me a couple of hours the day before to prep a lot of the food, but being able to see this final display made me really happy.  And not to mention provided full tummies to our guest as well!  Individual posts to come shortly.

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