Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Bedazzled Bib Necklace

So what does one do with all their left over gems used to make the infinity gauntlet?  Make a bedazzled bib necklace, of course.  I found the original pin on I Spy DIY but didn't have any nail polish handy or any Stick It Craft felt so I went to Pintrest and found something that was just as dazzling but with items I already had on hand and I found this one which is pretty simple and quick to do.

Pin Rating: 5
Duration: 30-45 minutes

  • Acrylic gems
  • Black ribbon
  • Felt
  • Hot Glue & Hot glue gun
  • Tissue/napkin template of bib
  • Needle & thread 
I have crazy glue in the picture but didn't use it.

The picture does no justice for the colors of these beads.

Start off by cutting your bib template.  I used a napkin to draw it on first then pinned it down to the felt to cut out.  Save your scraps for later when you attach the ribbon.

I then folded it in half to make sure the shape was symmetric.

Here's what the bib looked like.

And then I made some adjustments because my sister said she didn't like the straight bib shape.  I made it to match the original pin a little bit more.

Lay down your gems first and play with the design to see how you like it.  No gluing yet!

When you have your final design that you're happy with go ahead and glue them down starting from the outside in.

Put a nice glob of hot glue and lay down the gem on the felt.  Be very careful not to hit or move the other gems out of place.  I knocked it over a couple of times because I was careless...lesson learned.

When you're done glueing down your gems you can now turn it over and attach the ribbon on one end.  You can either glue your scraps over the ribbon or use a needle and thread to secure the scrap over the ribbon to secure it in place.

I went the needle and thread route because I felt that it would keep the ribbon in place more securely.

Take the patch of scraps that I told you to keep earlier and cut out 2 squares to cover the ribbon on each end.  You'll need 3 feet of ribbon for it to go around the neck.  I know it sounds like a lot but it's true, 3 feet is what you'll need to have this necklace tie properly out back.  Measure out 3 feet and then cut it in half.  (Each side of the ribbon should be 1.5 feet)

And here you go, all done!

Nice little bling for your every day outfit.

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