Friday, January 18, 2013

More DIY Game Night Decor

At the beginning of the month I posted about a Game Day food table & decor and now I'm finally getting around to posting more details about the prep.  This blog post is going to be a few Fast & Simple projects put together.

Playing card box, Vase Decor & Card Cover for a Dip

What you'll need:
  • Playing cards (2 decks for $1 @ Dollar Tree)  I am still using the same deck I used for the card banner.
  • Cardboard box to height of your liking.  I just used an amazon cardboard box I had laying around.
  • 2 short vases (Dollar Tree purchase)
  • 1 pack of dice (Dollar Tree purchase)
  • Hot glue & hot glue gun
  • Tape

Playing Card Box Decor

I started gluing the cards lining it up with the base of the of the box.  If there's a corner I just folded the card first and then lined it up with the corner and then glued it down.

After covering the bottom all the way around start layering the cards on the top.  I decided to do a nice little staggered shape.  

I also had some fun putting some cards to hang out over the edges for some nice pop to the edges.

Vase Decor

Do you remember the card banner post?  Make sure you save the scraps when making the banner and just fill up the vase and throw in some dice.

So simple right?!

And the vase was stable enough for the tray of Deviled Eggs to sit on.

Card Cover for a Dip

This one you will need an extra hand.  Take a piece of tape and tape the card halfway.   Have your helper place down the next card overlapping the first.  Continuously run the tape around that card.  Continue this pattern until you complete the full circle.

I hope you enjoyed the Fast & Simple ideas for a game night decor.  This can also work with UNO or Old Maid cards too!  Hope these designs are pinspirational!

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