Monday, January 21, 2013

Game Night - Dice Cheese Blocks

The dice cheese blocks were pinspired by this pin here.  Unfortunately the pin link itself leads you to a blog round up which leads you to a dead source.  On the other hand, the pin image itself gives you the right idea just not the materials.  So here's my blog post on what I used an how I made it.

Pin Rating: 5

  • Frozen Grapes (I had grapes left over from the PB+Chicken salad wraps 
    • Frozen grapes are easier to cut in my opinion and it also holds it's shape well.  You can also use olives but since I had left over grapes I used those instead.
  • Cheese block (Or some sort of soft cheese that you can mold)
  • Toothpicks 
  • Crackers
  • Dice (for a sample on where to place grapes if you care for accuracy)

I cut the blocks in half and stacked them on top of each other and they were the perfect height for the toothpick to stick out on top.

Push the toothpick down through the bottom block of cheese.

Layer the next block on top of the toothpicks to hold the blocks together in place.  Make sure to hold the toothpicks and guide them so they don't stray like how mine did.

Cut your frozen grapes and put them on top of the toothpick sticking out of the cheese.

For the toothpicks on the side break them in half first and then push them through the cheese from the sides.  That way you don't have to push the whole toothpick through. Also, you only need to do 3 sides  of each block and angle them to display them.

Plate your dice and scatter the crackers around them and you're done!

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