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DIY Scrabble Pillow Case

Pillow will spell out "HOME"
Original Pin:

Pin Rating: 5
Level of difficulty: Medium (basic sewing experience required)
Duration: 1 hr for pillow case + 15 minutes for lettering (For initial pillow case)

It seems as if all of my friends are either looking to buy a new home or have just received the keys to their new place.  Hats off to them!  This gives me plenty of opportunities to make them gifts for their new home.  I have a few friends who love Scrabble so when I saw this pin I knew I had to make it for their new homes.  I was a little worried at first since I never really worked with a zipper before when sewing, but when I found out this pillow case didn't need a zipper I was excited to get started right away.  Also, this pin is a little different since it's really pinned "For the Home" instead of DIY but I always have a DIY mentality so that's how I approached this pin.  (Also, I apologize since photos were taken with my phone since I didn't have the camera handy.)

If you don't feel like trying to make this yourself, I plan to put this up for sale at my Etsy shop ( after I complete the current set I am working on.  So please do keep an eye out for the pillow cases.

UPDATE:  Pillow cases are finally listed on my Etsy shop.  You can purchase a set of 4 here.

  • 16x16 pillow (Purchased from Hobby Lobby.  Other sizes also available but this process is for a 16x16)
  • Fabric - I purchsed Calico 100% cotton, color: Kona.  I found out that the fabric is 38 inches long which is perfect to cut up 1 pillow case.  
    • You need 1 18x18 square and 1 square with at least 18 x 20 (added 2 inches for sewing room and additional 2 to fold the flaps in for cleaner backing) square which will become your pillow back
    • When you purchase the fabric keep in mind how many pillows you are making
      • For this case I found this rule to be a good rule of thumb: 2 pillows = at least 36in (1 yard) 
  • Sewing items (pins/needles, scissors, measuring tape)
  • Fabric chalk pencil - something that you can mark for measurements with and will wash off
  • Fabric marker - to color in the lettering and it won't wash off
  • Optional - small blade/knife & paper binding clips

I just purchased a variety pack of thread at the Japanese Daiso store for $1.50 so I was pretty excited that it had the matching brown for this project.  :)

Measure out the 18inches across.  Mark it with your fabric chalk for good measure.

With your longer piece of fabric (18x20) measure 7 inches then cut.  This will be your back top (BT) piece. The remaining piece will be you back bottom (BB) piece.  For a better understanding of what the back looks like, please scroll to the bottom of the post for a picture.

 I originally cut and then folded the flaps back 2 inches.  The BT will be laid down first on top of the 18 x 18, then the BB will overlap it.

I did a tester with the 2 inches and noticed it wasn't enough so dropped the folded flaps down to 1 inch fold over seam.  Note: If you have longer fabric than I did (38in length) you can make the adjustments yourself to have a 2 inch fold over seam.  I didn't mind the 1 inch since it looked nice overall in the end.

If you want to check for yourself, make sure your fabric flaps overlap each other a good amount and that there is no visible gaps.

Sew the 1 inch seam shut on both flaps.  (Not together, just the fold over) Note the position of the flap.  I'll be referring to this as "flap side" (FS) in the images below.

 A little hard to tell here, but I'll do my best to explain it.  Lay down your 18x18 piece (If you have an image you want on the front, then make sure the image is face up since you will be flipping it inside out after you're done sewing).  Take the BT and place it on the top of your 18x18.  Have the FS face out and towards the middle of the pillow.

Next lay down the BB with FS face out and overlapping the first piece you put down.  (See picture below for reference).  Pin all the edges and sew 1/2 inch in from the side.  Sew the whole square and including the overlapping flaps. 

Note: This is the same photo above but it gives the best reference for what I'm talking about when overlapping.
This does NOT show the proper placement of flap side though.
Once you're done flip it inside out and stuff your pillow in.

Here's what the back should look like.

For the lettering, I downloaded a scrabble font and made adjustments in word for the template. I cut out the letter & number with a small blade and centered it on the pillow (unstuffed) and traced it with my fabric chalk pencil.  Once I had it traced on, I stuff the pillow back in to see if I was happy with the positioning.

Next I slipped in a magazine (you can use cardboard or any hard surface) and used paper binding clips to secure the fabric.  This is for ease of coloring and so that the color doesn't seep through.  Next step color in the letter.  Let it dry and color again until you have the consistency of your liking.

Here are the fabric marker I bought for this project.

Once it's dry, stuff your pillow again and you're all done!  Or if your friends already have pillows (like some of mine do) feel free to just make the pillow case only.  But I do recommend you having 1 pillow as your template so that you can test things out during your progress.  Good luck!

I wonder which of my friend(s) will get this for Christmas.  ^_^

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