Friday, November 9, 2012

Giveaway!~ I Spy DIY: Wire Bow Ring

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Duration: 5-10 minutes

I stumbled upon a pretty awesome blog today -!  I was looking around on Pintrest to see what I can do for today's Fast and Simple  Friday post and I saw this cute little wire bow ring.  When I followed the pin back to it's original source I was blown away by the posts of blogger Jenni Radosevich with her hip/fashionable DIY tutorials on her blog.  Each blog post has step by step picture instructions as well as written instructions on how to turn high fashion into DIY projects.  This is the first Simply Pinspirational post of her project but it certainly won't be the last!  This project in particular that I did was indeed fast and simple and it gives any outfit that nice little pop/flare in your every day wear.

  • Snipping pliers
  • Flat nose pliers
  • 6" of floral wire (Jenni used Artistic Wire)  You can find floral wire at the Dollar Tree or Michael's.
  • Tube of chap stick for sizing

In the middle, loop the wire around the chap stick tube to create a circle.

Top view
Side View

The next steps are "With your round pliers, grab the top" and then "Bend over the top of the pliers to create the right loop of the bow."  It's a little confusing to understand just from looking at the pictures so I did a little short video showing these next few steps below.

Side notes:

  • My top wire is on the left side while I Spy DIY's image has the top of the wire going out towards the right.  I found out that it doesn't matter what side the image is, just make sure to grab the top wire and bend it over the pliers towards the center of the ring.   
  • Also, if your pliers have ridged grips like mine I've seen online that a neat trick for them not to leave marks in the wire is to tape them up or cover them with cloth so they have a soft touch.  
  • Don't forget to check to make sure the ring circle still fits the desired finger while you're making the adjustments.

Once you're done with that step, adjust your loops so the bow is even.  For the last step, take the end of the wire that is on top (in this image it's the left side) and while holding your bow center strudy, tuck the left wire through the bottom of the center up and over the top.  Cut the ends of the bow to make it even.

For the last step cut the ends of the bow so that it's even and you're all set! (One step that I didn't do that would help is to sand down the bow ends because they can scratch.  If you cut them so they don't hang over too far they won't scratch as bad but they'll still snag.)

And there you have it, your very own bow ring!

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