Thursday, November 7, 2013

Opening new doors all around

"When one door closes another door opens..." - Alexander Graham Bell

I've officially moved into my new room. I have 4 other roomies sharing the house so I feel like I'm in college again. Exciting new opportunities await for me. ^_^ New job, new living quarters, new roommates, new town! So much exploring to be done! Not to mention so much I need to get done for my new room.  So I guess this will be my mini series of #roomimprovement.

Day 1 of the move has been busy!  I drove down to SoCal this morning and arrived at about 4:00. My new landlord was so nice and helped me move all of my stuff into my room. Got everything out of the car in no time.

Check out my new front yard buddies.

There are also a lot of fruit trees on the property. I forget what they all are, but we have guava and they smell so sweet!

I thought this one was hilarious yet fitting since I was actually a fan when it was on TV. The shared bathroom has a Hannah Montana curtain! Apparently it belonged to the previous tenants and the new ones, myself included, are not complaining so looks like it is going to stay. ^_^

Few photos of the room before moving in...

Pictures of my unloaded car piled into the room...

So after a long trip to Target (And I can't thank my friends enough for giving me a gift card from before I left) here's what I've done so far with the room.

Going to be sleeping on my air mattress until I get something else more permanent. (And yes, I have furry friends to keep me company at my new place, dont judge, I'm still a big kid.) No shelving in the closet so some of my clothes are still sitting in a storage bin and all my shoes in a bag still, but not bad for Day 1 right?

So I'll be turning to Pintrest for cheap room decorating and organization ideas to give this room some more personality.  Any suggestions of pins I should try or take a look at??

One thing I do have in mind is possibly replacing these curtains since they're a little see through...Good thing there are plenty of fabric stores nearby! I just have to get permission first. :) Stay tuned for my next "room improvement" project. 

On another note, 2 blogpost in one week!

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