Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Trip to JoAnn and What Should Be My Next Project?

My trip to JoAnn last week was a short but exciting one. If any of you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I posted the add for 50% off Fiskars products during the Joann Labor Day sale and saying I was going to get it. Well, I did! I had to leave for a camping trip that afternoon so I made sure to go to JoAnn in the morning.

As soon as I stepped through the doors I couldn't help but notice the new spot for the licensed fabrics. Up front and plainly in sight. It definitely got my attention! I strolled through the aisle and was pretty giddy about what I saw so I snapped some photos because I really wanted to share with everyone the new selection of fabric that they had. I'm sure some of you may have already seen it since I'm not sure when the last time I was in JoAnn's was but I'm sure you can be excited about it again with me. :)

New Mickey/Minnie fabric in burlap! What can I use it for? I'm not sure but I really want to buy some! If you can think of something let me know in the comment section!

More burlap printed Disney designs.

This was tooooo adorable! They need to make these fabrics in adult sizes (longer in length) because I'm sure I'm not the only one who would sew themselves an Ariel tube top dress!

Princess fabrics are also now up to date with the newer Disney princess designs.

After my fabric distraction I remembered what I really and for and wandered to the cutting tools section. Since it was still early I saw that there were still plenty of items in stock. Also a nifty free product guide. I still consider myself a novice seamstress and standing in front of this display pretty much reconfirmed this feeling. There were soooo many options to choose from. In the end I found a starters set that included blade, board, and ruler and knew it would be perfect. Since it was a little big and still at least 3 more in stock I left it there and wandered around the store for a bit.

New costume patterns are in.  These are so cool!  I wish I knew how to use patterns.  I just need to take the time to learn I guess.

This whole top display called out to me.  Steam Punk + Disney!  I'm not confident enough to use a pattern yet so I'll hold off on sewing my own costume for now.  :)

I then wandered over to the remnants bin hoping to find some Disney burlap, but there wasn't any.  I did however find a small strip of Marvel fleece!  I'm probably going to turn it into a scarf since it wasn't wide enough for a pillow case.  I also grabbed some elastic bands because I've been wanting to make an elastic skirt as well.  So here's where I'm stuck, what should my next project be??  I have a brand new cutting mat and rotary blade so I feel like I should make some article of clothing.

I've been eyeing this 1 Hour Dress tutorial and have also been wanting to sew my own Elastic Skirt?  Which would should I tackle?  

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