Wednesday, September 11, 2013

1st project with the Fiskars mat

As I'm sitting here still debating if I should make a dress or a skirt I couldn't help but use my cutting mat and blade for the first time so I decided to try it out on the little remnant piece of fleece that I had recently purchased.  I had bought the piece hoping I can turn it into a pillow case of some sort, but unfortunately the piece was long instead of wide.  Lucky for me, it was the perfect scarf length!  So what better to make with some fleece than a no sew scarf??  All I did was trim the edges and then fray the bottom by 2.5 inches.  And of course I couldn't help make a video to show how easy it was to use the rotary blade.

The cut turned out a little crooked because I was doing it one handed.  But I have no complaints here since it's way easier to film a vine video and cut fabric with the rotary blade than it is to do with scissors.

Adding the fringes!  And just so you know I'm barely adding any pressure to the blade and it cuts soooo smoothly.  I'm super excited to continue using the rotary blade and cutting mat.  Now if only I can decide what I want to make!

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