Thursday, August 15, 2013

SDCC Highlights: Day 4

After almost a month since SDCC I'm finally posting my Day 4 highlights.  I'm not sure why, but I didn't take that many photos this day.  It might have to do with the fact that we spent the morning taking our time, loading the car, checking out of the hotel and then heading to the convention.  It's a little unconventional to dress us on Sunday, but since I spent all day Friday & Saturday in panels it didn't make sense to dress up then.  So here is my recap experience of Sunday at SDCC 2013.

Collage of silly photos in the parking lot so that I could upload it to Instagram.  My boyfriend decided last minute (1-2 week before the con) that he would also be dressing up so we got some nice action shots together.

Grabbing some free 5 hour energy from the parking lot.  He also decided to wear the Infinity Gauntlet that I made him last Christmas! 

Not too many people recognized me except one family dressed up as X-men characters who asked me to take a photo with her son dressed up as Wolverine & a fellow Jean Grey cosplayer.  I saw her while I was walking the floor and asked for a photo with her.  She was super excited and said we were like pokemon and she was the evolution of me.  That made my day.  :)

Thanos is angry that Cyclops got his Infinity Gauntlet!

Saw these girls while walking through the Sails Pavilion.  Can you name all of them?

Later that day I squatted through the Hawken panel to make sure I had a good seat for the Mouse Guard panel and it was pretty cool!  I don't have time to pick up game playing right now, but if I did I think I would be playing this!  

Model that they brought with them to show off.

After the Mouse Guard panel we went down to the Exhibit Hall to purchase a Mouse Guard replica Gold Axe which was tooooo cute.  ^_^  Then we went to the opposite side of the convention hall to find Vampy again to take a photo with her.  Since she was speaking at a panel it was easy to track her down.  We came late to the panel so we waited outside until the panel was over to have our photos taken with Vampy.  I consider myself super fortunate to have run into my cosplay idol twice during the convention, while in costume too!  After that our SDCC 2013 experience came to an end.

One thing that I must rant about is that during the Mouse Guard panel I had a couple sit down next me and the first thing I hear out of the girl's mouth was.  "Why are there so many people in this room?  I don't understand, it's just a comic book."  My jaw're at a comic book convention!  Please please please don't refer to anything as just a comic book.  More and more folks make the trek out to Comic-con for a chance to see movie stars and forget what Comic-con is really all about.  Granted I also go for the movie stars in Hall H but I also love everything else about SDCC too.  For the most part everyone at comic con are really friendly and understand that everyone around you is in the same boat. We're all waiting in long lines, sitting in huge crowded rooms, cranky and tired.  But we're all also there to have fun and appreciate and respect the works of everyone in the comic book industry   So please be mindful and respectful when you're out there.  :)

Until next time SDCC!

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