Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY My Little Pony Plush - Part 2

Here's part 2 of the DIY My Little Pony Plush post.  (Click here for Part 1)  Don't forget that the full instructions/tutorial can be found at the original source here.

When we last left off I just completed the head of the pony.  Next step is to complete the body.

You want to start by attaching the hoof (circle) to the underbody.  You will start by attaching the circle hoof at two points.  I took a little short cut because I didn't want to attach 2 points.

I pinned a needled into the 2nd point to hold it in place and started sewing at the first point.  That way I can have more flexibility to the half circle.

Sew on all the hooves to the underbody.  Next attach the upper body to the underbody.  Then cut out the diamond shape on the underbody.  This is where you will flip the pony inside out, but don't do it yet. (If you did the same step I did with the ribbon, make sure you don't accidentally sew it to the body. Keep it centered in the middle of the body so that you don't stitch it on accident)

The next step really confused me as to why I was doing it.  You're going to pinch the fabric at the circles and sew along the rim.  (The tutorial has better pictures)  So this step is really important because it adds a nice pinch to the underbelly of the pony.  

Without the pinch (photo on the left) there is no crease or fold in the leg.  Once you do pinch and sew the fabric it creates a fold in the leg (photo on the right).  My assumption is that it's to make sure that the pony can stand once it's stuffed.  The stitching here will hold the legs towards the center and won't allow for the legs to do the splits under the weight of the stuffed pony's body.

Now you have a complete pony body!

Now time to flip it inside out!  Remember to do it slowly and have patience.  Using a capped pen can help get some of the smaller parts out.

Tada~!  A standing pony!  There's actually no stuffing in her at this point.  Like the tutorial says, take the extra step to do some stitching across the base of the ears so that it will prevent excess stuffing up there and make it look like horns. 

Next step is to accessorize your pony with the cutie marks, eyes, mane, etc.  I lucked out with an easy cutie mark and no need for details to the eyes since she's wearing shades.

I used a paper template to make the sunglasses and tried it on her before committing to sew it.  Once I had the sunglass shape I liked, I took the oval portion and cut them a smidgen smaller and cut out 2 purple pieces for the glasses part.  Sew the purple pieces onto sunglasses first, then sew the completed sunglasses onto the head.  Keep in mind all the sewing that you're doing will be through the opening of the underbelly so be very very careful not to rip it.

Now equipped with cutie mark & shades.

The hardest part for me was the hair.  I ended up using napkins again since it's pretty flexible and easy to work with.  My only suggestion is that when you have pointy edges you should exaggerate them in size because you'll have to accommodate for sew space and flipping it inside out.

Once you have the template/pattern done, it's time to work on the hair.  Sew the hair the same way that you sewed the tail in segments.  (Refer back to part 1 for the tail portion).  Once you flip the hair inside out stuff the hair, but not all the way.  You'll have to shape the hair around the head to your liking.

Once you have the hair attached, it's time to sew up the belly.  Take your time on this one and make sure to pull the threads tight so that you hide your seam.

Once you have the belly seam done, you have a complete pony!  Congratulations~

Time to party! ;)