Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Curtains!

I have new curtains!! Huge thanks to my friend for hooking me up with really nice curtain fabric!  It makes a world of a difference now.  I can actually sleep in in the morning and I have a lot more privacy at night now.


Here are a few photos of how I sewed the curtains.  I didn't have a pattern but I did take a look at my friend's curtain and tried to reverse engineer it in my head and I think it turned out okay.  :)

Make sure you take measurements of your own window so that you know how much fabric you will need.  Add an extra 1/4" on the length side and bottom for seam allowance. The top should also have about 1/2" seam allowance.  In addition to the 1/4" seam allowance on the side, add about 1 inch to each panel so that way it allows for the curtains to overlap in the center.  You will also need a 4" panel to sandwich the tabs onto the curtain.

Also, make sure to measure the distance from the rod and window to make the curtain tabs.  You don't have to make curtain tabs, but when you have heavy fabric it helps to make it easier to open your curtains.  I made my tabs 3" x 4" and then after I made one I eyeballed it to see how many more I would need across the curtain panel.

Also, cutting corners is genius.  Make sure you cut the corner of your fabric before you sew your seams.  It allows for the perfect corner when you fold both ends.  See photo below.

Cutting corners allows for the seams to come together neatly.  Who said cutting corners gets you no where? :p

Sew the edges together.

Pin the tabs in place.  You can sew them down if it makes it easier for you.  I waited and sewed the tabs and the cover panel together in one swoop.

Here's how it looks with the panel covering it all pinned and ready to go.

Sew the top and bottom of the panel together.

And once thats all together go ahead and hang it up on the rod and voila, new curtains!  I've seen some no sew version of curtains on Pintrest where they use bed sheets and a hot glue gun so that could be a nice alternative if you don't want to sew.  However I love the way this turned out and it gave me a chance to work with different fabrics.  :)

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