Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY Pillow Box

I'm making a lot of different little gifts this year for Christmas and thought that the best way to wrap them was to put them into a pillow box!  And I searched on Amazon and all over the internet for cute christmas themed pillow boxes and didn't find any so I hit myself on the forehead and thought why don't I just make my own??  I googled a DIY pillow box project and found it on here.  This was time consuming but I feel great about how each of the little boxes turned out!  I definitely recommend this if you need a small box to wrap up your gifts.

What you'll need:

  • 1 pad of scrapbook paper of your choosing (Heavier cardstock works better)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Dull edge (of scissors or butter knife)
  • CD or something round
  • Double sided tape or Zots 
  • Pen

Cut the scrapbook paper to a 7x7 square.  You can cut them smaller if you can but I liked the 7x7 size.  Fold up 1/2 an inch from the side.  Then fold the rest of the paper in half.

Here's a better angle of the fold.

You don't need to do a hard crease, just enough to have it folded.

Take your CD and line it up with the top center of the panel and then trace  

Once you have the half circles traced you can cut them out.  Also note you should cut the 1/2 in panel down too.

After you cut the top semi circles it's time to carve out the bottom semi-circle which will help you fold the sides in.  Use a dull knife to trace around the CD.  Make sure you line up the edge of the CD to the corners to make an eye shape.

In order for you to see the lines better I used a pen to mark it for the purpose of it showing up in the photo.  For the final product you shouldn't mark it with a pen because it'll show up on the boxes and make it a little tacky.  

Use the Zots or double sided tape on the patterned side of the 1/2 inch strip.

Fold the panel over to seal the box closed.

Puff up the box a little.

Then fold your creases in.

And you have your box!

I can't wait to have these stuffed with gifts and passed at this year.  :D

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