Thursday, October 17, 2013

DIY Circle "Minnie" Skirt

This was my first time working with elastic where it turned out elastic!  Most of the time I end up sewing the elastic and having end up with zero slack to even put it on!  Now after finding this pin and reading through the tutorial and following it step by step I've successfully made my first elastic skirt!

Original Pin:
Pin Rating: 5

Last month I posted this photo of the a circle mini skirt that I made for the Color Me Rad and mentioned I was going to do a tutorial of it on the blog.  One month later and I'm sitting her writing my blogpost and I still don't have a blog tutorial!  I started making a Vine video as I was making my 2nd skirt and then realized I had made a mistake in my fabric measurements therefore throwing the whole video out the window.  So instead of holding off on this blogpost I decided to just post some photos of the finished product.  The original pin I gave a 5/5 pin rating so be sure to check out the original tutorial by Dana Made It.  She has great step by step instructions and even tells you how to make measurements for a pattern.  I did manage to make a vine on the pattern though, so enjoy it below!

As seen on my Instagram account.

Here's a head to toe shot.  I didn't really put on a dressy top, but thought this T-shirt was fitting. :)

Don't you just love the way the skirt ruffles at the bottom??

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