Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quick Update About Blog Website

Hi All,

So it's been a year since I've purchased my website domain and I seeing my trend of blogpost and less than 110% dedication I've had for SimplyPinspirational I've decided to not renew the web domain.  Starting 4/10/14 you will no longer be able to access this website via and will have to access it through  So please make sure to note any changes you need to make on your end.  My Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts will remain the same although I cannot promise the same amount of activity I've had in the past.

Twitter: @pinspirational

On another note, I'll take this time to introduce you to a new direction that I'm moving in.  If you haven't noticed already, I've started posting more and more in my Instagram feed of sewing projects.  I've played around with the idea of changing SimplyPinspirational into a sewing/pinning kind of website instead of Pintrest, but I felt like my new life adventure needed a new name.  So I now introduce to you RPG Adventurers *tah-dah-dah-dah!*

It was a team name that my boyfriend and I started last summer while playing Capture California and it just kind of stuck and I can't think of anything better or more fitting. :)  

So please give my new social media account some love. :D**

**So a little disclaimer about the twitter account.  This account was used heavily last year while playing the outdoor social media game Capture California.  You can check out some nice scenery and a geeky flag and weapons we made while we hiked and explored all around CA, but not much besides that.

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